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Advanced handling solutions, ranging from early stages of battery and fuel cell production to stacking, final unit assembly and beyond, are all parts of Piab’s advanced offering for electric car manufacturing. We provide a wide range of standardized products with proven durability as well as fully customized tools for gripping, lifting and moving within the automotive sector.

Light lifting

Piab’s technology enables safe high-speed solutions for all initial stages of vehicle battery production, e.g. sorting of fragile components and precious materials, even within a very tight footprint. We provide precise handling solutions, creating quality improvement and reduced waste costs. Using products ranging from energy-saving ejectors to suction cups with high durability, a true high-precision process can be achieved regardless of cycle speeds and the acceleration or retardation it implies.

A selection of products for light lifting

Product-FrictionCups.jpg Product-piGRIP.jpg Product-piCOMPACT.jpg
Friction cups piGRIP® piCOMPACT® SMART


Combining standardized components with customization has been our recipe for bespoke systems deliveries to both battery factories and vehicle manufacturers. Our solutions can be made to fit any compartment, regardless of available space, and still handle highly sensitive material like thin foils in high-speed applications. Piab suction cups grip and move robust components, like bipolar plates, with the same ease. If needed, the grippers can be equipped with multiple vacuum areas to fit a variety of objects, materials and dimensions. The earlier we can take part in the factory development plans, the better the base for a precise result.

A few examples of tools developed for stacking

Purposely designed suction cup grippers enable the fast moving of rigid components with complex shapes without leaving any traces or marks. Selected combinations of suction cups and bellows assist elimination of double-picking and other accidental errors. The bedplates and foam blocks on our area grippers are pierced with suction holes to match different objects and balance out uneven surfaces. Hence, these gentle grippers handle unstable materials, like flimsy foils or metal frames, with ease.

Heavy lifting

For the post-assembly process of the battery modules, Piab offers solutions for the transfer of heavy modules and cooling plates towards assembly into the vehicle. Every part of our assortment has been developed with focus on safety for products and humans as well as longevity, energy-saving and cost-efficiency. To complete the assembly line, we also offer solutions for semi-manual applications.

A selection of products for heavy lifting

Product-piSAFE.jpg Product-Kenos.jpg Product-XLF.jpg
piSAFE® Kenos® grippers XLF cups

Piab offers several key benefits for battery and fuel cell handling:

Energy efficiency

Piab's vacuum technology, such as COAX® vacuum ejectors, minimizes energy consumption, offering a safe and quick hold due to the high initial vacuum flow.

Process safety

Piab's solutions ensure safety for both humans and products when handling batteries and fuel cells containing sensitive and potentially hazardous materials and components.

Proven durability

All systems are designed for easy maintenance and a long service life with proven resistance to shear forces and constant handling of oily, moist, or dry surfaces.

Unparalleled precision

Regardless of tools used, our solutions ensure extraordinary position accuracy in high-speed processes with tolerances down to fractions of millimeters.

Multiyear experience

Piab has for decades acted global leader in handling solutions for the automotive sector, supporting all phases of the manufacturing process.

Efficient automation

Piab's vacuum technology enables efficiency within the full value chain from raw materials to final assembly in the vehicle.

Customized solutions

To fully meet the specific requirements of any applications, Piab provide tailormade systems for battery and fuel cell production, assembly and installation.

Unrestricted versatility

Piab's products can handle a wide range of sizes, from small to very large units, and adapt to any variation in shape, weight or surface structure.

Other automotive applications

Whether it's electric or has another power source, a new vehicle has a long way to travel before it is finally rolled out to the export zone. Piab provides the systems to rationalize the full extent of this complicated process – from raw materials to final assembly. Our gripping, lifting and moving tools meet the highest standards, which from our perspective is equal to solutions that eliminate human injuries and damaged goods while minimizing energy consumption and waste.


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