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Auswahl Hilfe für Vakuum Saugnäpfe
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OBF15x35P L

OBF15x35P L
  • Special designed friction cups for oily surfaces, such as sheets in metal forming processes.
  • Normal wear on friction cup will not affect the long term shear force performance.
  • Best choice if > 0,1g/m2 press oil is used on the sheet.
  • Thanks to the strong grip on oily surfaces, the suction cups can withstand high shear forces, typically 2–4 times more than corresponding conventional suction cups.
  • The small "OBF" cups are suitable for narrow objects with curved or flat surfaces and small gripping areas, such as those encountered with body parts in the automotive industry.
  • Can handle objects with minor height differences.
  • Available in a high (H) version, suitable for picking on narrow submerged surfaces, where a wider fitting otherwise will interfere with the object. Examples are frames and structural parts for the car.
  • DURAFLEX® suction cups manufactured in a specially developed material that features the elasticity of rubber and wear resistance of polyurethane. The material does not leave any marks on the objects handled.


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