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piSTAMP Enhanced Blow-Off

piSTAMP Enhanced Blow-Off
  • Ultra-lightweight decentralized ejector with integrated release function
  • Efficient and patented COAX® ejector with lower air consumption and faster response as compared to corresponding competitive products.
  • Generic design and mounting interface, suitable for end-of-arm-tools and suction cup holders used in automotive press-shops.
  • Release function based on Exhaust Block principle (EBR), suitable for fast cycle speeds.
  • O-ring sealed vacuum port (non-threaded).
  • Ejector with new STX nozzle gives extra fast response and a faster release function. Also recommended in very dirty/dusty environments.
  • EBR with enhanced blow off - a shunt line for compressed air will amplify and speed up the part release function. Compressed are consumptions increases a bit vs standard EBR during blow-off.


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