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piSAVE® sense Multiple port fitting 02/60 (yellow), 0202396


제품 번호 0202396

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  • Vacuum check valves which allows a few suction cups to miss the object(s) and still maintain enough vacuum level in the system with quick response and release times.
  • The vacuum check valves shall be used in a centralized vacuum system, one for each suction cup.
  • Designing with vacuum check valves will require a smaller vacuum pump and save energy.
  • Also suitable for objects with surface leakage around the lip of the suction cup.
  • Available in four sizes with different flow performance/characteristics to suit different degree of leakage on handled material and different size of cups.
  • The valves are supplied separately for integration or mounted in an Al-fitting with female and male threaded connections to facilitate installation.
Metric   Imperial
Material Al, HNBR, Nitrile (NBR), Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPE-U)
Pump flow/cup minimum 0,001 Nl/s
Pump flow/cup to close valve 0,21 Nl/s
Temperature -20 – 80 °C
Valve colour 노란색
Weight 20.7 g


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