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Configure your piGRIP®,

  • The standard lip (S) is for versatile use. Within the standard lips there are the green and the blue standard lips. The green standard lip is suitable for relatively even surfaces on sealed materials. It has extra wear resistance. And the blue standard lip is recommended if the surface is more uneven or rough, e.g. textured plastic parts. The material is FDA&EU approved and are recommended for food handling.
  • The flexible lips (FX) comes with extra sealing capability. They are suitable for surface leaking materials (wrinkled or textured) and porous materials, such as corrugated paper. Both the blue and yellow flexible lips have FDA&EU approved material and are recommended for food handling.
  • The flexible lips (FXI) includes a high flow retainer as well as a slightly higher diam. than the traditional FX lip. The lips comes in 18 and 30 shore - this gives extra ordinary sealing and lifting capabilities. They are suitable for surface leaking-, porous materials and irregular surfaces. Both the 18 shore (Pink) and 30 shore (yellow) lips have FDA&EU approved material recommended for food handling
  • The soft foam lips (FLI-S) are suitable for irregular surfaces. They are really suitable when conventional lips are not sealing enough. They can replace mechanical grippers.
  • The rough surface foam lips (FLI-F) are suitable for heavy textured surfaces, objects with relief/embossing and generally very rough surfaces, such as raw wood or structured shower plexiglass. They can handle up to a few millimetres in height differences with very good sealing capability. The material of the rough surface lip is a long-wearing natural foam rubber that is free from silicone.
  • The bag lip (BGI) includes a high flow retainer to prevent thin bags/films to be sucked into the cup and thus improves gripping performance. The bag lips (BGI) are excellent for lifting and handling difficult bags and pouches and heavy bags with e.g. liquids. The bag lips have FDA&EU approved material and are recommended for bag handling in food environments.
  • The hot surface lips (HS) are excellent when handling hot objects. Especially when there is a need to pick hot objects, e.g. at injection molding. The material is silicone free (PWIS free), hence is suitable to use for handling items before the painting process.
  • The bellows are suitable when level compensation is needed. Firm/stable bellows allows for high machine speeds. They will provide extra high lifting force compared to conventional cups in the same size. The stiff bellows retains its shape even at deep vacuum levels. The bellows are available in FDA&EU material and the material is recyclable.
  • The support is the generic interface and is a gateway between fittings and bellows or lips (for flat cups). They adds cleats with good wear resistance and friction to flat cups. They are also available in FDA&EU material and the material is recyclable.
  • Available lip diameters; 20-84mm
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