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VGS™5010 BL50-3P

VGS™5010 BL50-3P
  • Patented COAX® technology.
  • Suitable for high flow applications such as plastic bag handling.
  • The design provides enough strength and stability when handling plastic bags, while providing the softness and flexibility required to seal on uneven surfaces.
  • This suction cup is made of DURAFLEX® material and the bellows and sealing lip are of different hardness.
  • The suction cup has a special high-flow fitting.
  • Available with a two or three-stage COAX® cartridge MIDI. Choose an Si cartridge for extra vacuum flow or a Pi cartridge for high performance at low feed pressure.
  • The three-stage cartridge will give extra high initial vacuum flow, suitable in high speed applications.
  • Easy installation and flexible positioning with several mounting options.


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VGS™5010 BL50-3P

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