Vacuum tools for product handling

Vacuum ejectors and suction cups for product handling, assembly and packaging.

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Move powders, granules, and small parts

Vacuum conveyors and connecting machinery

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Refined automation with vacuum technology

Piab's vacuum-driven handling systems and robotic tools are utilized in every industrial sector around the globe. Our tailored solutions support applications from raw material handling to assembly, sorting and packaging of single objects regardless of size, weight, shape or rank in the production process.


Piab's vacuum-driven solutions significantly reduce manual labour for increased productivity, consistent performance, and upheld quality standards.


Vacuum-driven systems reduce harmful work tasks and enable safe handling of industrial components ranging from powders and grains to single objects of significant size and weight.


Due to their technology and design, Piab vacuum systems ensure long service life, minimal maintenance and low energy consumption which reduces the environmental impact.

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COAX® - Superior vacuum ejectors

A system based on our world-acclaimed COAX® ejectors provides three times more vacuum flow than conventional vacuum systems, allowing increased cycle speed and reduced energy consumption. Piab invented COAX®, hence our vacuum pumps are predominately based on this ejector technology.

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Vacuum Automation Division

Piab Vacuum Automation Division is a global leader in vacuum technology and robotic tools for increased productivity, safety, and efficiency within all industrial sectors. With a combination of standardized products and customized solutions, we enable a secure work environment with minimal energy consumption and material waste.


Vacuum components and solutions

Classic vacuum ejectors and pumps

Decentralized vacuum ejectors with safety check valve

Combined vacuum ejector and suction cup (VGS™)

Compact and stackable vacuum ejectors

Chemical resistant vacuum ejectors and pumps

Vacuum cartridges (for integration)

Design your own vacuum system

OVM Pro 3D offers you to design, test, and refine your own vacuum system in a virtual environment before physical implementation. Log in and create a unique application with Piab’s extensive range of vacuum ejector pumps, suction cups, grippers, fittings and accessories.

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Configure the product to meet your needs

Piab's product configurator is an effective tool for all customers. It is designed to streamline the product selection process through a guided experience supported by informative texts, images and functions. A smooth transition from product search and customization to quotation or order placement.

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Advantages of vacuum conveying

Find out how vacuum conveying works to move powders, granules, and small parts. Learn how these solutions compare to mechanical conveying options, such as screw conveyors (augers), bucket elevators, and belt conveyors.

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