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Does Piab have any warranty on the unit?

Piab offers a warranty to distributors, integrators and users of Piab products worldwide as per the following definitions:

  • A five-year warranty is valid for complete vacuum conveyors excluding electro mechanical pumps and controls.
  • A five-year warranty is valid for vacuum pumps excluding electro mechanical pumps, accessories and controls.
  • A two-year warranty is valid for electro mechanical pumps.
  • A one-year warranty is valid for other products.

General warranty principles:

  • Piab guarantees against defects in the manufacture and materials by normal use in a proper environment, when following the instructions for care, maintenance and control described in the appropriate Piab manual.
  • Piab replaces or repairs, free of charge, faulty products provided that these are returned to Piab and found to be covered by the warranty.
  • It is at Piab’s discretion whether a faulty product should be sent back to Piab for replacement or if the repair shall be made locally at Piab’s expense.
  • This warranty does not include wear parts such as filter elements, sealings, hoses, pipe fittings, pipe bends, pinch valves (in-line with conveyed material), reducers, etc.
  • This warranty does not include subsequent damages caused by defective products.


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