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Selection guide for Suction cups
Métrico   Imperial

Corrugado / cartón

Suitable for uneven and porous surfaces such as corrugated paper and cardboard.

piGRIP® Ventosas configurables
The piGRIP® is a unique configurable suction cup concept with individually optimized parts for gripping, lifting and height compensation. Also a large selection of fittings makes it ready to fit new machines and easy to retrofit existing cups. The fittings available are both threaded and push on fittings.
BX - Fuelle 2½ DURAFLEX® (10–110 mm)
Adecuada para superficies porosas e irregulares, como cartón, etc
B - Fuelle DURAFLEX® (10–110 mm)
Several short bellows cups in one lifting device can handle objects with height differences and varying shapes. The bellows also provide a slight lifting movement to separate thin items.

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