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Destacking layers of sheet

Destacking layers of sheets

Blank Destacker has been developed specifically for feeding sheet blanks into fully automatic lines. Blanks of metal (magnetic or non-magnetic), plastic, wood or cardboard are separated from a stack and fed into the line. Vacuum pumps and cups are used to “pick-up/separate” and feed. It is important to choose the right type of suction cups and place them right on the blank to facilitate the separation and make sure that they do not slide during the handling operation. 


Advantages w
ith Piab

  • Increased productivity and safety thanks to special designed friction cups for oily surfaces which also reduces the risk for sliding sheets.
  • The productivity is also increased thanks to vacuum pumps using the COAX® technology and optimizers to minimize the energy consumption.
  • Great grip will also be achieved thanks to a secure and fast grip thanks to high initial vacuum flow of Piab vacuum pumps.
  • Increased safety with special vacuum check valve.
  • Flexible tooling components for easy positioning of the suction cups.
  • Higher degree of process control, sensing vacuum at each suction cup.
  • Easy trouble-shooting.

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