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Sorting parcels between cages, pallets and conveyors

Sorting parcels between cages, pallets and conveyors

Manual sorting of parcels is usually between cages, pallets and conveyors. Unloading cages involve bad working postures with risk for back pain or injuries when lifting parcels from a low level into a cage. Frequent twisting of the lower back when lifting parcels from the cage or pallet to the conveyor increases the risk for back injuries.

The Vaculex® TP is the ultimate solution for sorting parcels or boxes between cages, pallets and conveyers. The operator will immediately become more flexible, quicker and work in an ergonomic way – and the risk for injury reduces dramatically.

The operator can also choose to operate the Vaculex® with only one hand, leaving the other one free to be more flexible. When filling cages or stacking parcels on pallets the Vaculex® TP vacuum lifter eases the work with positioning of the parcels by leaving one hand available for help.


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