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Bulk & powder transfer

Big Bag unloading
Big Bag unloading

The application is typically to transfer material from a big bag into a suction pipeline. We use a feed adaptor with a universal interface to connect to the big bag unloading system. 


During the diecasting process vacuum can be used to convey particulate into the diecasting molds and also to evacuate the die.

Vacuum conveyor used for feeding
Feeding 3D printers

One way of make the feeding to feed the 3D printer in an efficient way is to use a vacuum conveyor.

Horizontal form-fill-seal
Horizontal form-fill-seal

The very first part of the packaging process might require a filler tube or a hopper to be loaded with the product. Vacuum conveyors are used for this purpose.

Injection molding/pellet transfer
Injection molding/pellet transfer

The primary method of molding plastic vehicle components is injection molding. Vacuum is used first to convey plastic pellets into a hopper.


Vacuum conveying offers the perfect solution for producers wishing to minimize their waste and maximize their productivity.

Unloading of small bags
Small bag unloading

The application is typically to transfer material from a small bag such as a sac or plastic bag into a suction pipeline and into a conveyor.

Tablet transfer
Transfer tablet/fragile material

When transferring tablets and other fragile material there is a great need for a solution that is hygienic, safe and especially prevents damage of the products.

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