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DURAFLEX® Friction cup

DURAFLEX® suction cups

With DURAFLEX®, a strong, wear resistant and elastic polyurethane material, Piab can offer the unique dual-hardness feature for suction cups.

Unbeatable grip performance on uneven and coarse surfaces

The unique dual-hardness cups combine a strong and stable body/bellows with a high-sealing and soft flexible lip. They are ideally suited for applications where micro-leakage can occur, for example when a suction cup does not properly conform to a handled material. Dual hardness cups provide both the strength and flexibility needed to seal on uneven or coarse surfaces. They can handle materials like corrugated boxes, wood and textured plastic much more effectively than a conventional suction cup.  By minimizing the leakage the vacuum level will be higher and the lifting force better. Machine speeds can be faster with a secure grip. Minimizing the leakage also means that you can use a smaller vacuum pump/generator or, as an alternative, lower the feed pressure you are using, which in turns means lower energy costs. Actually, the lower air flow also means a lower noise level.

DURAFLEX® Friction with exceptional grip on oily surfaces

The unique DURAFLEX® friction cups are tailor-made for handling parts with an oily metal surface. The friction cups are made of polyurethane (DURAFLEX®) in dual hardness. They have a softer cup-body design with a harder green support section, which represents the friction part of the cup. The friction section has a special pattern which resembles the ones found on winter/snow tires. The rough cleat surface with sharp cleat edges and channels secure an exceptional grip on oily surfaces. DURAFLEX® friction cups will have approximately 3-4 times better grip (friction/shear force) on an oily surface as compared to a conventional cup without any type of friction pattern. The initial wear will improve the friction/shear force on DURAFLEX® friction cups.

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