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EOAT components

Below you will find a vast selection of our standard components for your end-of-arm-tooling (EOAT) application, such as packaging, palletizing, automotive plastic injection molding, etc. Please note that if you cannot find what you need in the below categories there is also “Non-stocked-items” in the bottom that we serve with slightly longer lead times.

Sprue/part grippers
A big variety of jaws (saw tooth, knurled, padded) and with or without sensors, to be able to handle various sprues and parts.
Gripper fingers
Secures difficult parts, reaches around parts and some versions are designed to flip and secure thin edges.
Suction cups EOAT
A selection of Piab's wide range of suction cups for various applications.
Sprue cutters
Capable of cutting soft and hard plastics.
Gripper/mounting arms
Gripper arms extend and mount suction cups to mounting clamps.
Movable vacuum units
Used for stroking suction cups in from the side.
Special cylinders
Cylinders for applications such as applying side pressure, with or without sensor capability are available.
Frame profiles
Square and round aluminium profiles that withstand heavy loads and forces.
Mounting clamps
Cross clamps, angle clamps, extension clamps etc. used for mounting gripper arms to the aluminium profile as well as extending profile members.
Frame connectors
A variety of connectors that help you build your customized aluminium profile framing.
Pneumatic connectors
Manifolds, tubing, and fittings used to connect pneumatic vacuum or compressed air components.
Part sensors
Part verification sensors, cables, and junction boxes for robotic interface.
Quick change system
Components that interface with the robot that are used as base components of the end-of-arm tool (EOAT).

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