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Air carrying unit TC 32

The Air carrying unit (ACU) is used with piFLOW®p when the highest automation level, the Auto-tuning is implemented. The material comes into the Air carrying unit at the top of the funnel and moves forward in the pipe. The ACU features an air inlet that serves to let in the right amount of air to the conveying process. The air inlet works automatically and tunes itself by an engine and a butterfly valve which connect to the ECU 15 control unit. The engine opens the air inlet valve as much as to maximize the throughput of the conveyed material. This process is supported by a machine learning software and sophisticated algorithms. In order to avoid cross-contamination, an air inlet filter can be placed on the air inlet. It avoids material leakage from the inlet as well as prevents the conveyed material from getting in touch with any substances in the surrounding air.

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