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      Pessoal Piab Ásia

      Anniversary for Piab Asia office

      Data 30/04/2013

      20 years in operation 

      Piab, a leading supplier of industrial vacuum technology, is proud to announce that the Piab Asia office has recently celebrated 20 years in operation.

      The Piab Asia Pacific (PAP) office in Singapore was founded by Peter Tell of Piab AB along with a Singaporean man, Allan Tee, in 1993. There was a need to provide support and to develop Piab's presence in Asia. Soon, a number of local distributors were set up to form a strong network from which to sell Piab's lines of vacuum products and vacuum conveyors.

      In 2004, the Piab Product Centre (PPC) was established in Singapore as a satellite unit of Piab's production facilities and to be closer to the suppliers in Asia. Five years later in 2009, the PAP and the PPC merged into a single entity to make efficient use of the resources and in the supply of products to Asian customers. This merged company became known as Piab Asia.

      Today, Piab Asia serves as the sole supply unit in Asia for Piab and the main office for the other Piab companies in China, India, Japan and South Korea.

      About Piab

      Established in 1951, Piab designs innovative vacuum solutions that improve the energy-efficiency, productivity, and working environments of vacuum users around the world. As a reliable partner to many of the world's largest manufacturers, Piab develops and manufactures a complete line of vacuum pumps, vacuum accessories, vacuum conveyors and suction cups for a variety of automated material handling and factory automation processes. Piab utilizes COAX®, a completely new dimension in vacuum technology, in many of its original products and solutions. COAX® cartridges are smaller, more energy efficient and more reliable than conventional ejectors, and can be integrated directly into machinery. This allows for the design of a flexible, modular vacuum system. Piab is a worldwide organization with subsidiaries and distributors in more than 50 countries. Its headquarters are in Sweden.

      More information

      Häla El Sheemy Washbrook, Vice President Marketing and Communications Manager
      Tel: +46 (0) 8 630 25 74

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