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Value Line® by Piab

Value Line® – A brand new product line is launched

Date 31/03/2015

We are proud to introduce Piab's totally new product line: Value Line® – Good performance at a value price.

Piab has traditionally focused on developing products and being the market leader in applications that are challenging or demanding from a vacuum performance point-of-view. We are now expanding our focus and looking into more basic applications, where machine speeds and surfaces to be gripped are less challenging, such as with case/carton erectors. Other examples are equipment for loading/unloading or sorting sheets into metal forming machines (laser cutting, water jet, punching etc.) and parts removal from injection molds. The new Value Line® products, comprising of 21 suction cups and 2 small light-weight ejectors.

The suction cups are available in flat-concave, bellows and long bellows shapes with diameters from 20-75 mm. The durable TPE-U material provides good wear resistance.

The small and lightweight vacuum ejectors can be installed directly on the hose very close to the point of vacuum. This feature provides the benefit of faster evacuation times to keep up with higher cycling machine speeds. The inline vacuum ejectors are also suitable for cleanroom environments and are ideal for applications in the range of 20-50% vacuum levels.

All products are available globally with “off-the-shelf” delivery.

Value Line® products
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