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DURAFLEX® BX suction cups

Introducing BX10P, BX15P and BX20P

Date 13/01/2011

Piab introduces three new suction cups in the populuar DURAFLEX® BX series. With DURAFLEX®, a strong, wear resistant and elastic polyurethane material, Piab can offer the unique dual-hardness feature for suction cups. The material combines strong and stable body/bellows with a high-sealing and soft flexible lip. Ideally suited for applications where micro-leakage can occur, for example when a suction cup does not properly conform to a handled material. With DURAFLEX® BX series you can handle materials like corrugated boxes, wood and textured plastic much more effectively than with a traditional suction cup.

With these three new models, Piab completes its range of BX cups and now covers 8 sizes from diameter 10 mm to 110 mm. The three new and smallest BX cups are developed so that customer with needs for small size cups also can enjoy the great benefits of DURAFLEX® BX premium cups.

All BX cups are available in two versions, one in a single hardness quality which is 100% green and one with dual-hardness which has a green body and a softer yellow lip.

With the BX cups the customers can increase productivity and save energy through:

  • Higher production reliability – With improved sealing capability compared to conventional cups, downtime due to dropped parts will be reduced. Good sealing capability is crucial for uneven, textured or wrinkled surfaces. The elastic memory of the DURAFLEX® material is excellent and a useful feature to improve reliability in applications where a “dead” cup material causes parts to drop.
  • Less energy consumption - The extra good sealing capability will also require a smaller vacuum system with less energy consumption.
  • Increased speed - With better sealing capabilities, the BX cup will give the customers the ability to run their machines at higher speeds.
  • Increased flexibility - The BX cups are more pliable to different materials and therefore allows use in a huge number of applications.
  • Extra longevity - The PU material is more durable, long lasting with unbeatable wear resistance.

The small BX cups, like the other BX family members, are primarily addressing the market need of better sealing capabilities on pourous and uneven surfaces such as corrugated paper, boxes, wood, etc. Many applications can be found in the packaging and consumer goods industry for carton erecting, case packing, bin packing, palletizing, de-palletizing, rotary feeders, etc.

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