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Piab AB and KPS - Korea Pneumatic System Co., Ltd.

Date 27/04/2011

Piab AB and KPS – Korea Pneumatic System Co., Ltd. amicably settled all pending patent disputes concerning their respective relevant vacuum pump technologies on a worldwide basis.

The parties agreed that they are entitled to continue the production, distribution and development of their own technology without limitations and without changes. PIAB is in particular entitled to distribute its COAX® Vacuum Cartridge system and KPS its entitled to distribute is Vtec/VMECA Vacuum Cartridge system. The Parties furthermore ended all disputes relating to the respective patents of the parties.

KPS Contact:
Mr. Ho Young Cho
Phone: +82-226175008

Piab Contact:
Mrs. Häla El Sheemy Washbrook
Phone: +46-8630 2574


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