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Piab Lab Vac

Laboratory vacuum pumps run by compressed air

Date 01/09/2015

Piab Lab Vac is a must-have device for the modern laboratory. Using compressed air provided by a standard compressed air system, vacuum can be provided to 11 mmHg absolute, making it perfect for all common laboratory applications such as vacuum filtration, rotary evaporation, degassing, gel drying, etc.

The time-tested design and construction of the Piab Lab Vac uses the same technology that has made Piab a vacuum leader in many other industries worldwide. Specifically engineered for use in the modern laboratory, the Piab Lab Vac has been developed to be environmentally friendly, energy efficient and extremely reliable. This unique user serviceable compressed air powered vacuum pump technology has no moving parts and requires virtually no maintenance. The multi stage ejector nozzles are quite energy efficient with very low sound levels. Precise vacuum control can be provided by adding the Vacustat that can prevent over pressure and increases energy efficiency even further.

The Piab Lab Vac is designed to be a very small, portable vacuum device that can be mounted near the point-of-use which eliminates the need and cost of piping from a large expensive centrally located motor driven pump and vastly improves the quality of vacuum available to the end user as line losses are eliminated and reliability is increased. It also frees up bench and aisle space by eliminating the need to find space for bulky local vacuum pumps. The Piab Lab Vac can be wall mounted or placed in a reaction rack for optimum flexibility in the laboratory environment.

Constructed from PPS (polyphenylene sulphide), the Piab Lab Vac can withstand chemical attack from most common organic solvents, acids and bases. When outfitted with Kalrez seals, the Piab Lab Vac becomes extremely durable by being able to withstand the harshest environments and chemicals in use in most laboratories.

Piab Lab Vac has been specified for many new and renovated North American laboratories. Lab architects, facility managers, consultants and laboratory end users are happy to offer testimonials' such as the following:

”I recommend the Piab Lab Vac to all of my clients” says Rick Boswell, President of PRB Planners Inc., a lab design consultant in Canada. ”Their ease of use, high reliability and portability make them an ideal solution in teaching and research environments. Using standard compressed air, we can get two services for the cost of providing compressed air only. We also don't have to provide for vacuum cabinets or bench space for electric pumps which is a real space saver. My clients appreciate the simplicity of installation and use.”

About Piab

Established in 1951, Piab designs innovative vacuum solutions that improve the energy-efficiency, productivity, and working environments of vacuum users around the world. As a reliable partner to many of the world’s largest manufacturers, Piab develops and manufactures a complete line of vacuum pumps, vacuum accessories, vacuum conveyors and suction cups for a variety of automated material handling and factory automation processes. Piab utilizes COAX®, a completely new dimension in vacuum technology, in many of its original products and solutions. COAX® cartridges are smaller, more energy efficient and more reliable than conventional ejectors, and can be integrated directly into machinery. This allows for the design of a flexible, modular vacuum system. Piab is a worldwide organization with subsidiaries and distributors in almost 70 countries. Its headquarters are in Sweden.

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