Changeover Champion

Machine learning in the new, unique piFLOW®p SMART takes vacuum conveying to a new level. Offering six times faster changeover, Piab’s Changeover Champion vacuum conveyor piFLOW®p SMART enables users to save time when changing from one material to another, increasing the productivity of their operations. Changeover that would take one hour in a conventional vacuum conveyor takes only 10 minutes in the company’s new and unique vacuum conveyor.

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Batch optimisation

The combination of smart software, sensor technology and the Air Carrying Unit enables the entire filling volume of containers to be utilised and material throughput to be optimised. Correct tuning of the discharge time and/or readjustments due to environmental factors, such as humidity and temperature, are no longer dependent on the skills and experience of operators. This enables processors to always make the most of their batches, small or large.

Smooth processes

The continuous auto-tuning allows processes to run as smoothly as possible. In combination with the faster changeover, this saves time and money. The smart, self-optimising conveyor will always operate at the correct speed to perfectly suit specific applications.

Easy to learn & use

Operated through a user-friendly touch screen, piFLOW®p SMART is easy to learn to use and operate. Installation is straightforward, and built-in features, such as the anti-blockage function and airassisted sensor cleaning, result in a system that requires only a minimal amount of maintenance.

Promoting productivity

Additional features, such as the ability to store material settings, offer further performance and productivity enhancement. By guaranteeing a flawless flow in every conveying cycle, regardless of the performance of the material or changes in the surrounding environment, piFLOW®p SMART is the perfect productivity promoter.

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How do you make the vacuum conveyor smarter?

Productive industries rely on state-of-the-art intelligent systems to boost their processing capacity. Vacuum conveying plays a vital role in the manufacturers’ production lines, especially within the food and pharmaceutical sectors. So, how do you make the humble vacuum conveyor smarter? The simple answer is - by giving it a brain and senses!

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