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Piab's food approved silicone cups

New food approved Silicone suction cups - FDA and EU approvals

날짜 2013-05-20

Piab is changing its red Silicone FDA cups to translucent. This is to easier differ them from the other cups on the market. The material is free from colour pigments, approved by FDA (FDA 21 CFR 177.2600. ) and meets EU's regulation EU 1935/2004.

The range of translucent silicone cups covers sizes from a few millimetres up to 150 mm as well as flat, deep, universal, bellows and multi-bellows models.

The cups are suitable for use in the food industry, even in direct contact with food. The material is soft and conformable, yet durable and long lasting with excellent elastic memory and performance at both high and low temperatures.

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