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Value Line® suction cups and vacuum ejectors

Can we really offer products to standard/basic vacuum applications at a different price level?

Date 16/03/2016

Is it possible to build a good and reliable automated vacuum system for basic industrial applications with inexpensive standard parts? This was a question we put to ourselves a few years ago.

We landed in the answer: Yes, if you choose parts from a reputable and reliable supplier offering high quality and extensive capacity. Nobody in their right mind would use a sledgehammer to crack a walnut or pay a science professor to teach four-year olds. Both are far too over-qualified and expensive for the respective tasks. The same can sometimes be true for advanced technology. Standard operations can be performed with less complex and less costly tools - they simply do not warrant the employment of high-tech and state-of the-art solutions.

The erection of cardboard boxes is one example of a widely used and simple automated application for vacuum technology. To keep the costs down, most manufacturers choose to use simple and inexpensive equipment in such systems. However, value for money is equally important, and this includes global access to support as well as the availability of sufficiently large quantities of off-the-shelf vacuum automation components with uniform, consistent, and cost-effective performance.

Such is the thinking behind our new Value Line® products, comprising of a number of cups and vacuum pumps. Having traditionally focused on developing products for challenging vacuum applications, we are now including more standard, less demanding applications. Also here we said that we would utilize our expertise in vacuum technology but broaden our offer to the market. Not only focusing on the top end of the triangle but also to the standard applications.

This has its challenges of course, both internally, where we have a sales force that is extremely knowledgeable in selling complex products to challenging applications and also the customers not really thinking of Piab as the supplier of products to standard applications. However, we have received very positive feedback from customers. Because we want to keep in mind, that even if we offer our products to standard applications, we will always offer better alternatives than the standard offering of our competitors. Not as high performing as our ordinary products and not at the same price level either, but always be better than the competition. The difference is only with how much.

We are right now offering a sample of our Value Line® product range for FREE to customers to try and evaluate:

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Josef Karbassi
Vice President Automation Division
Tel. +46 8 630 25 00

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