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Quick to market with canned products thanks to efficient palletizing solutions from Piab

Piab‘s Kenos® area gripper lifting cans

With Piab‘s Kenos® area gripper, the duration of the palletizing process of food and beverage cans is significantly reduced - regardless of pack sizes and weights.

Thanks to Piab's vacuum-based Kenos® area grippers, robotic palletizing solutions become all-round talent. From food and beverage cans to sugar packs to unpackaged foods, these foam grippers can both hold several packs at the same time and also place paper liners between the product layers. A wide range of package sizes and weights can be handled.

Because the Kenos® gripper forgives inaccurate postioning, high speed palletizing is possible - even if the packing units are not placed in optimal positon. Accordingly, this solution does not require a complex system of suction cups and mechanical grippers. Thanks to its modular design, the gripper can be adapted to many different dimensions and requirements.

The Kenos® foam gripper is powered by Piab's COAX® integrated vacuum technology, which in itself stands for fast processes thanks to its proven highly efficient vacuum generation and evacuation. Due to the rapid replacement of the foam layer downtimes are reduced to a minimum. With the FDA approved special foam even unpacked food can be picked up directly and placed into the appropriate packaging.

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