Ensuring a safer working environment in food and pharmaceutical processing plants

Wet-In-Place (WIP) functionality has been added to Piab’s popular piFLOW®p vacuum conveyors. WIP spray nozzles are now available for inclusion/retrofitting in new and existing piFLOW®p conveying systems.


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Wet-In-Place Module

Wet-In-Place Module

By wetting potentially harmful leftover material before the equipment is opened for cleaning, the spray nozzles ensure that any such dust stays Wet-In-Place until it can be safely removed.

  • Binds hazardous material
  • Environmental and user friendly
  • Easy to retrofit
  • Reduces cleaning and maintenance time
  • Minimizes need for protective gear
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piFLOW®p Family

A conveyor for when premium technology is needed

The piFLOW®p conveyor for powder and bulk materials is designed to perfectly match the stringent demands for operational safety and hygiene within the food and pharmaceutical industries. Made from materials that comply with the US FDA and EU 1935/2004 regulations, Piab’s conveyors can be used to safely transport large volumes of powder/bulk materials, and their advanced technology will guarantee segregation-free conveying. Maximising the safety of the processing staff, piFLOW®p is available in ATEX dust and gas approved designs, in which all plastic or rubber parts, including filters and seals, are made of antistatic nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR). The piFLOW®p capacity range is very big – from 2 litres batch volume up to 56 litres.


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Vacuum conveyors move pharmaceutical products with ease

Choosing the right conveyor for your pharmaceutical manufacturing process is a challenging task that requires careful considerations. We will here share our experience with you.