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piFLOW®fc - heavy duty vacuum conveying

The piFLOW®fc product range is the recommended choice in the food and chemicals industries where the highest level of hygiene is required. They are available with 3, 7, 14, and 33 l [0.11, 0.25, 0.49, 1.17 ft³] batch sizes which can convey up to 8 tons/hour [16 000 lbs/h]. The piFLOW®fc range is designed with a stainless-steel body (ASTM 304L), meets FDA, EC No. 1935/2004, and EC No. 10/2011 requirements. The piFLOW®fc range has a high throughput while also ensuring a small footprint, dust-free operation, and reduced maintenance time. Typical applications include cocoa, cookie dough, crisps, and certain chemicals - the piFLOW®fc vacuum conveyor can handle it all. The piFLOW®fc range is available with two different levels of automation. The standard version delivers the basic functionality and reliability of the piFLOW®fc product range. The BVO or Batch Volume Optimisation features a level sensor, helping with the setup of the most critical parameter, the charge timer, making the setup and operation of the vacuum conveyor easier and safer.

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