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Discover Piab Vacuum Conveying's Customer Experience Centers!

Vacuum Conveying Customer Experience Centers of Piab are located all over the globe. They are specifically installed to test the conveyance of materials, such as powdered, granulated, or tableted food ingredients and products, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and metal powders. In industries that handle sensitive materials prone to health risks or susceptibility to humidity and contamination, it is essential to find the right conveying equipment. Getting proof-of-concept from our engineers ensures that your materials can be conveyed safely, hygienically, and efficiently. 

Our application engineer, Johan Valfridsson, and sales manager, Melvin Zetterberg show around in Piab’s customer experience center in Helsingborg, Sweden, solving production issues and examining new applications.

With capabilities for testing out up to 140 meters conveying length in 50-70 mm pipelines, they offer real-time testing with your material samples sent from all over Scandinavia.


Material tests for vacuum conveying 


Each material type can present unique challenges in achieving efficient vacuum conveying. System design requires a careful understanding of the material to be conveyed, the distance and vertical lift, and the required rate of transfer. At Piab, we have proven the feasibility of our technology for a wide range of materials and setups in the past 70 years, but since each application is unique, proof of concept still might be a must.

Why testing your materials for vacuum conveying is beneficial

Providing proof of concept

By testing your materials in one of our centers, we can ensure that our vacuum conveying system can handle your material without degradation or amendments.

Hands-on demonstrations

Get to know how Piab vacuum conveyors work and benefit from valuable insights from our leading engineers.

Different options with various equipment

Choose from our wide range of equipment and test which option of vacuum conveying systems suits you and your goals best. We help you to find the perfect solution!

Help in choosing the right equipment

<p>Through hands-on demonstrations and the exchange of best practices with our application engineers, we provide valuable insights into assembly, setup, and minimal downtime, offering reassurance when choosing new technologies.</p> <p>Our goal is to provide customers with the best solution, backed by thorough testing and proven results. Experience the innovation and efficiency of Piab's vacuum conveyors today!</p>

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