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SuccessStory BigCarManufacturer

A big car manufacturer saves over $1,500 each month


As the production costs have constantly been rising, it has become necessary for the car manufacturer to find ways to compensate. The energy consumption has been one of the priorities. The measured air consumption for each tool was
10.5 scfm.


Piab performed a vacuum audit in the welding department and delivered a report with potential savings and return of investment calculations. The system was retrofitted with three Piab Vacuum Gripper Systems, VGS™3040, with COAX® technology and durable DURAFLEX® Friction BFF suction cups in order to strengthen the energy saving effect.


After one month of testing Piab's solution, the measured air consumption of the tool has decreased to 0.89 scfm. thanks to the energy savings with COAX® technology and Vacustat (a pneumatic air-saving device). When the 16 robots are operating $60-70 are saved each day. The DURAFLEX® suction cups can be used for several months without wear.

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