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piFLOW®i - industrial vacuum conveying

When there is a need for a more robust, reliable, versatile solution to convey industrial materials, piFLOW®i is the best choice. Typical materials conveyed include detergents, desiccants, sand, industrial salt, toner powder, clay, chromium oxide, aluminium oxide, talc, silica, cigarette filters, walnut shells, litter, PVC powder, plastic pellets, calcium carbonate, methylcellulose, alumina powder, or plastic pellets/parts, and many more… The piFLOW®i can replace mechanical conveyors such as bucket elevators or belt conveyors to ensure an ergonomic, dust-free working environment without respiratory risks for the operators, especially when hazardous, toxic, or allergenic materials are conveyed. The piFLOW®i range consists of models with 6, 8, 14, and 28 l [0.21, 0.28, 0.49, 0.99 ft³] batch volumes, which can convey up to 7.5 tons/h [15 000 lbs/h]. They are designed with a stainless-steel body (ASTM 304L). All parts which are in contact with the conveyed materials (the conveyor body and sealings) are compliant with EC no. 1935/2004, and EC No. 10/2011; ATEX Dust certification is available, depending on the configuration. This range is available with two different automation levels. The standard version which is a straightforward, reliable vacuum conveyor. In contrast, the BVO or Batch Volume Optimisation features a level sensor to facilitate batch volume setup, leading to a shorter amount of conveyor setup at material changeovers and secure a higher level of operation safety by reducing the possibility of human error.

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