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Piab is a culture of change and evolution and our products are where the rubber meets the road. We create critical components that help companies reduce their energy impact, improve their production, and create a safer, better, working environment. Our best ideas come from people within the company who want to try new things, do things better, and constantly improve with every new challenge and opportunity. We want you to be a part of that.

Evolving automation since 1951

At Piab, we evolve automation. We provide gripping skills to robots, intelligent flow to materials, and lifting power to humans. “Our products and solutions, along with our vast knowledge and expertise have always been in demand, but never more so than now,” states Peter Laurin, CEO.  Which is why we need you.

We ensure a safer and more efficient production climate for the users of our products. No resources are wasted and your imagination is your only limit in creating everything from cars to nutrition bars and in the end an overall better customer experience. We help create all the things humans need to live and to learn. 

Why work with us?

The process of evolving automation is as challenging as it is fun. And to succeed, we want you to be creative, full of ideas, and not afraid to challenge yourself and us. Because no matter how advanced our products become, they can’t give birth to ideas. Ideas come from people. And that’s why we are always looking for clever, ambitious, and kind people to shape the future of automation.

Evolving you.
Evolving ourselves.
Evolving automation.


Meet our people

Tracy Sales Director Vacuum Conveying, China

”I regard my work as a challenge which involves accomplishment, enrichment and advancement; and I’ve really enjoyed the evolvement of myself and Piab over my 13-year tenure.”

Conrad Application Engineer Vacuum Conveying, Germany

”What I like most about my job is that I’m confronted with new challenges every day in a wide range of applications and industry segments, which continually allow me the opportunity to grow and develop professionally and personally.”

Madeleine R&D Engineer, Sweden

”There is a pool of knowledge here that is inspiring for me and at the same time, it’s an environment where anyone can come with suggestions and have their voice heard. The people here are really interested in making our products better.”

Benjamin Operations Manager, Germany

”Piab offers external or internal training and development, and our colleagues in production can rotate jobs so they’re not doing the same task all day. This makes the job more interesting and flexible and it’s beneficial for both the individuals and the company.”

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