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piFLOW®p - high requirement vacuum conveying

The piFLOW®p product range is the most versatile, premium offering among the Piab vacuum conveyors. They are available with 2, 3, 7, 14, 33, and 56 l [0.07, 0.11, 0.25, 0.49, 1.17, and 1.98 ft³] batch sizes which can convey up to 15 tons/hour [30 000 lbs/h]. No matter the scale, a piFLOW®p can cover it across a wide range of applications throughout the food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and additive manufacturing industries. The piFLOW®p range is designed with an acid-resistant stainless-steel body (ASTM 316L), meets FDA, EC No. 1935/2004, and EU No. 10/2011 requirements. Depending on the configuration, piFLOW®p can be delivered with ATEX Gas, ATEX Dust, or both ATEX Gas and Dust certifications. The piFLOW®p conveys a vast array of solid materials, like powders, granules, and particles. Examples include nutraceuticals, excipients, metal powder, sugar, milk powder, powdered yeast, drink mixes, cheese powder, spice blends, resin, cocoa, toner, cereals, freeze-dried fruits, zirconia powder, xylitol, and many more... The piFLOW®p range takes care of conveying solid materials no matter the scale. The smaller vacuum conveyors in the piFLOW®p range are perfect for when a small amount of excipients need to be conveyed to a tablet press or cases where the conveyor has to work in a constrained space. The medium-sized vacuum conveyors are used to feed sieves in additive manufacturing or to fill or discharge drums/bags, mixers, etc. The highest capacity piFLOW®p vacuum conveyors are required when charging reactors, mixers, or filling/discharging big bags. The piFLOW®p range is available in four automation levels. The Standard version gives you all the reliable, essential functions of vacuum conveyors. The BVO or Batch Volume Optimisation features a level sensor, helping with the setup of the most critical parameter, the charge timer, making the setup and operation of the vacuum conveyor easier and safer. CCO or Conveyor Cycle Optimisation operates with two level sensors, optimising the entire batch, increasing the ease of use. With CCO only the carried air volume must be set manually. Auto-tuning is a fully automatic solution that optimises the full system setup for extremely reduced time on material changeovers. It eliminates the need for manual timer settings thanks to the two separate level sensors which let the Electrical Control Unit know when the vacuum conveyor is full and when it has been fully emptied. The pipeline Emptying Unit prevents any potential blockages in the pipelines, and the Air Carrying Unit even sets the carrying air to material ratio automatically. The system uses machine learning and automatically tunes itself, even taking environmental factors such as temperature and humidity into account, adjusting automatically as these fluctuate. Both CCO and Auto-tuning work in a system equipped with the ECU-15 electrical control unit, which saves the conveyed materials and recipes.

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