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Increase productivity and efficiency with our innovative products and solutions for the Plastics Industry. Remove ready-made plastic parts from the mould all while ensuring quality and optimal production rates.

Injection molding

A very common production process for plastic part production is through injection molding, producing high quality requirements that requires reliability and performance of the handling both during de-molding/part removal as well as during de-gating cutting operations. Having a secure grip with both vacuum and mechanical gripping is essential to avoid damaging the parts. To enable high productivity combination of parts removal and de-gating can be done with the same End of Arm Tool.

What Piab offers

  • Quality: End of Arm tools, which cycle after cycle securely de-mold your automotive parts
  • Enhanced production: innovative component systems, which allow for handling both simple and complex cuts
  • Reliability: robust design of component and End of Arm tool systems



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Plastic part removal

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