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Value Line®

The entire Value Line® program consists of suction cups and vacuum ejectors. Value Line® suction cups are developed for standard/basic applications. The suction cups have a long thin lip and provide good sealing on slightly corrugated surfaces (such as corrugated cardboard). The Value Line® vacuum ejectors are available in three different designs, the traditional inline that can be installed directly on the hose close to the point of suction, the T-design that allows exhaust air to be piped away and the aluminum block version. The T-design is also suitable for clean-room environment. The aluminum block version is easy to install into many existing systems. Typical applications for this product line are case/carton erectors with other examples such as equipment for loading/unloading or sorting sheets into metal forming machines (laser cutting, water jet, punching etc.) and parts removal from injection molds.

Suction cups
Value Line® suction cups are suitable for standard/basic applications. The suction cups show good performance at a value price.
Vacuum ejectors
Light weight and small sized vacuum ejectors with integrated push-in fittings or thread connection. The vacuum ejectors will show up to 30% energy saving compared to a similar competitor ejector.
Accessories for Value Line®.

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