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Selection guide for Suction cups
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High/low temp cup (plastic)

These cups can be used at a wide temperature range and have extra high wear resistance. They are also mark-free and oil resistant.

Suction cup valves
Our suction cup valves are a group of products that serve to save energy in various applications at the suction cup.
B - Bellows HNBR (5–110 mm/0.2-4.5")
Several short bellows cups in one lifting device can handle objects with height differences and varying shapes. The bellows also provide a slight lifting movement to separate thin items. 
F - Flat HNBR (50–110 mm/2.1-4.4")
Suitable for flat objects such as cardboard, sheet metal, glass and porous materials. The cleats stop deformation by preventing suction of the object into the cup. The suction cup has good stability and very little movement. Also suitable when the lifting force is parallel to the surface as the cleats increase friction.
U - Universal HNBR (10–20 mm/0.4–0.9")
For handling objects with flat or slightly curved surfaces.

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