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KK2 Pass through junction box , 0213261


Part no. 0213261

  • Minimize interface wiring and maximize utilization of controller inputs by providing termination/ power distribution points for up to 8 inputs.
  • Inputs/ Outputs can be either current sourcing (PNP), sinking (NPN), or a combination of the two
  • Includes enclosure and cable grips
  • Accessible terminals allow for easy wiring
  • May be installed into "Snap Track" on DIN mounting
  • Solid State logic for long life
  • KK's provide "Pass Through" functionality
  • RPL's provide "AND" Logic functionality
  • RPL can convert PNP signals to NPN and NPN signals to PNP
  • US PAT. #6,812,593
Metric   Imperial
Item number, alternative E18601326
Weight 10.5 oz
Electrical data
Supply voltage 15 – 35 VDC
EOAT (End Of Arm Tooling)
Input quantity 1–8
Logic Pass Through / Wireable AND
Signal outputs 1–8

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