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Palletizing & depalletizing

Palletizing/depalletizing is the process of lifting on or off packages on a pallet. There is a wide selection of products that is used very much today when palletizing e.g. suction cups, large area vacuum gripper systems, or ergonomic handling systems in combination with vacuum pumps. Palletizing machines use vacuum pumps, suction cups and other pneumatic components. These machines typically pick up multiple boxes at a time and place them on a stack or unload from a pallet. Today, because of the high speeds required, robots are often used to accomplish this task. Another vacuum application during this process is the handling of slip sheets or tier sheets that are placed between the layers of packages which have different requirements than handling the boxes.

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Advantages with Piab

  • Optimized product range for this application, anything from suction cups, vacuum grippers, vacuum pumps or ergonomic handling equipment.
  • Increased productivity thanks to higher machine speeds thanks to suction cups with extra long and soft sealing lip as well as stiff bellows giving extra stability and lifting forces.
  • Increased productivity with our ergonomic handling equipment thanks to less injuries in production and hence in terms of reduced sick leave, lower staff turnover and better staff utilization.
  • Increased flexibility when handling manipulation of several products with different shapes, dimensions and compactness due to the large area vacuum gripper.
  • Reduced energy consumption with COAX® technology in the vacuum pumps in combination with different optimizers.
  • Secure and fast grip thanks to high initial vacuum flow of Piab vacuum pumps.
  • Increased productivity as there is no service required of the Piab vacuum pump.

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