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Hygienic applications

Hygienic conveying

Piab vacuum conveying systems are designed to meet requirements specified by international standards such as 3-A Sanitary Standard and FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Piab vacuum conveyors are developed in accordance with USDA guidelines and meet the demands of dairy, food and other farm producers. Piab has over 30 years of experience of powder and granules transfer through vacuum conveying. We handle particle sizes from 0.5 micron. The conveying capacity reaches up to 10 tons/hour and the conveying distance up to 30 meters.

Key advantages with PIAB vacuum conveyors

  • Design in accordance with international standards
  • Hygienic design and easy to clean
  • Minimum maintenance since no moving parts inside the pump
  • Closed system with no dust contamination
  • Modular program easy to modify for different requirements

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