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Horizontal form-fill-seal

Horizontal form-fill-seal

The very first part of the packaging process might require a filler tube or a hopper to be loaded with the product. Vacuum conveyors are used for this purpose. They convey the material to be packaged into a hopper or filler tube where it is then delivered into pouches and sealed. When the machine is of horizontal form-fill-seal design, suction cups are used to open the bag or pouch and keep it open while it is being filled. Vacuum is also used at the end of this process to move filled pouches into cartons or cases for transport.

Key advantages with Piab vacuum conveyors

  • Minimum maintenance since no moving parts inside the pump
  • Hygienic design and easy to clean
  • Closed system with no dust contamination
  • Modular program easy to modify for different requirements

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