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Vacuum Gripper System – VGS™

Vacuum Gripper System – VGS™

Make selection easy and make dimensioning right

Piab’s decentralized Vacuum Gripper system (VGS™) is a product solution integrating high quality DURAFLEX® suction cups with COAX® cartridges. The VGS™ makes selection, sizing and installation of a vacuum system much easier. Design and dimensioning mistakes for the vacuum system will be avoided.

With a decentralized solution like VGS™, you will enjoy the benefits of a more efficient and reliable vacuum system. Increased machine speeds can be achieved thanks to faster response times with the vacuum source right at the cup and better initial vacuum flow which will grip the object faster. The decentralized approach gives safety with one vacuum source per suction point and it also eliminates flow losses in long vacuum hoses, making maximum use of energy.

VGS™3040 with integrated energy saving functions like Vacustat and piSAVE release is a pioneering product and the world's most energy efficient concept for vacuum handling of sealed parts, such as glass and metal sheets. 

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