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Item no: piCOMPACT®10X SMART


The piCOMPACT®10X SMART is a small, efficient and intelligent compact ejector that enables you to take the next step in production control and ease of use. Based on COAX technology and integrated IO-link technology the piCOMPACT®10X SMART enhances the flexibility, quick installation and customization to fit to your needs.  The air driven, multi stage ejector comes with integrated controls such as on/off valve, blow-off valve, vacuum switch and energy saving function. It includes special preventive maintenance features like Leakage Warning, filter control and Vacuum Cycle Counter. The piCOMPACT®10X is built on a configurable platform, making it easy to configure and customize the product for your needs.

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This is a configurable product. Please use the configurator to customize the item to your needs and see updated price and availability there.



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