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piab new automotive cups

Piab produces a new series of automotive cups

Дата 02.11.2020

Piab is proud to introduce a new series of automotive cups which address the applications in the Body and Part assembly as well as in low/medium speed press lines.

The new line of cups supports the industry standard related to dimensions and interfaces and simplifies deployment and installation. The cups are also a good alternative for applications outside the automotive industry.

All cups are made of 60 shore (A) lack silicon free Nitril-PVC creating a durable and cost-effective cup. The cups have friction cleats to better withstand shear-forces during operation. All cups have a molded-in aluminum insert, so you can either attach your own fitting solution or use one of the other fitting options provided by Piab, including a quick-connect system – T-slot. We have designed the cups to operate even at low vacuum levels, meaning you have a good vacuum “reserve” for the lift itself.

PAB – Piab Automotive Bellows ( 5 cups, sizes 30-80 mm ):

  • Designed for thin metal sheets in automotive applications
  • Suitable for flat and uneven/curved surfaces or if level compensation is needed, for example in de-stacking applications
  • Designed to handle both dry and oily surfaces
  • Can withstand high shear forces 

PAF – Piab Automotive Flat ( 5 cups, sizes 30-80 mm ):

  • Designed for slightly domed and flat surfaces, e.g., such as those encountered when handling metal sheets in automotive applications
  • The suction cups have support cleats that prevent thin objects from being disfigured
  • Can withstand high shear forces
  • Designed to handle dry as well as oily surfaces


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