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Piab's level compensators

New level compensators

Date 18/01/2011

The new LC level compensators allow manufacturers to speed production processes while reducing the risk of product damage when handling sensitive goods with varying height requirements.

The program consists of 16 different level compensators (spring plungers) in four size groups: M5, G1/8”, G1/4” and G3/8”. Each group has female and male vacuum connection versions as well as two options for stroke lengths – in total 16 new parts.

Level compensators can be used for several reasons:

  • They compensate for height differences on the handled product.
  • They place the suction cups softly on sensitive objects to avoid damage.
  • They reduce the need for exact positioning of suction cups on the object.
  • The level compensator will also provide a certain degree of shock and vibration absorption which protects other components/parts on the vacuum handling device.

To boost flexibility, the LC series works with Piab’s complete range of fittings, including its configurable piGRIP® suction cups. The LC level compensators also feature a non-rotational design, allowing their use with both oval and round suction cups.

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