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piFLOW®p SMART system

ECU-15- piFLOW® Electrical controller

Date 01/09/2020

The new software platform both for ECU-15 and ECU-15S can easily be upgraded with new software releases, adding new functionality in the future.

  • Prepared for future added functionality, (SW upgrade via the USB interface compared to ECU-10, i.e. added functionalities might be added in the future)
  • Ease of use:
    • Tailor the suction and discharge time to the material/product since multiple material/products settings can be stored in the controller
    • Function check, easy to check signal status and functionality of the conveyor components one-by-one during installation and for problem/fault finding
  • Monitoring functions
  • Pump feed pressure monitoring- warning notifications / abort conveying when feed pressure is too low.

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