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Electrical Control Unit

ECU-15S piFLOW®p Smart

Date 01/09/2020

Piab continues the software development of the piFLOW®p SMART software platform, which focuses on ease of use and improved/added functionality

ECU-10 will be phased out and replaced with a new controller ECU-15. With this phase out of ECU-10, there will be one common family of Electrical Control Units, the ECU-15 family, where ECU-15 will be offered to all conveyors and ECU-15S will be part of the piFLOW®p SMART offering.

The main benefit of having the same ECU-platform is that lot of new functionality is added to the “SMART” offering, which can be implemented to the standard ECU as well.

For easy installation and troubleshooting, a check on various functions and components has been added.

Several new monitoring functions are also introduced:

  • Blockage monitoring
  • Sensor monitoring- warning when a sensor is not working properly, indicating that sensor needs to be cleaned or is out of order
  • Pump feed pressure monitoring- showing a warning / abort conveying when feed pressure is too low
  • Out of material- sends a warning when there is no material is conveyed


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