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Decentralized vacuum system

Training in vacuum

Date 23/06/2016

How does a company where knowledge is extremely important and where the products are well equipped with advanced features keep their staff up to date? 

Where salespeople need to be highly technical and need to be constantly updated with news and knowledge to be able to do a good job. An additional challenge to this is when the salespeople includes distributors and other representatives of the brand. And to add another challenge, as it was not enough, the distributors and representatives do not only carry our brand but also other brands. How can a company make sure that all the salespeople have the latest knowledge at hand and make sure that it is well used?

With all these challenges, we started to look into alternatives of training. The training should be sustainable, not to create an elephant that is difficult to manage, but, also be measurable, informative, and easy to take. We landed in a rather big project group, starting with the salespeople - as a lot of Piab's knowledge is at their level, our product divisions gave us the base structure with marketing to put it all together in a neat format. Yes, we should not forget...all the translators into different languages. Truly, a team effort.

We launched this program in January of last year holding our breath as to how this training program would be received. Now, a bit more than one year after the launch, we have received overwhelming positive feedback that has pushed us to take the next step and to offer this valuable training to everyone on a global level, customers, students, suppliers, potential employees practically anyone who is interested to learn about vacuum.

The format was to keep the modules short and accessible, so every module is at most 15-20 minutes long so it can be taken by anyone at their convenience. A few modules have been made accessible on our website and there is a list of more modules that will be made available for external use.

Do you want to know more about vacuum or know someone who wants to be trained in vacuum?

Here is where it can be found.

Häla El Sheemy Washbrook
Vice President Marketing & Communication
Tel. +46 8 630 25 00

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