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Ergonomic handling of doors

Opening the door to a safer and happier work place

Date 17/10/2018

Piab is expanding into the construction industry with Vaculex® ergonomic lifters.

We are well known for producing smart solutions for manufacturing industries, with end-of-arm-tooling, vacuum pumps, conveyors and ergonomic lifters. One such industry is the construction industry, specifically door and window manufacturers. A buoyant market has created an increased demand for product, which in turn results in increased risks within the workplace, from manual handling risks to employee wellbeing. With doors and windows often weighing more than 75kg and being moved several times during the production cycle, a high risk of both operator injury and product damage is very apparent.

Piab's Vaculex® range of vacuum tube lifters can be used to provide solutions for lifting, tilting and turning doors, loading and unloading CNC machines and much more. Installing equipment such as Piab's Vaculex® product range, can result in increased productivity from a happier and safer workforce.

David Collins
Vice President Ergonomic Handling Division
Tel. +46 8 630 25 00

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