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Read the latest news about our innovative vacuum solutions: vacuum pumps, ejectors, vacuum conveyors and suction cups for a variety of factory automation processes, as well as our other activities around the world.

We will be publishing posts regularly, a couple of times every month, and the bloggers will be a variety of people within Piab's organization, for example Research and Development, Marketing and Sales.

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Piab's cobot gripper Kenos® KCS
One plus one makes three!

26/09/2018 , posted by Josef Karbassi

Two years after acquiring Kenos®, Piab develops the perfect small business all-rounder - Kenos® KCS.

Tablets and capsules
Yet another contribution to Industry 4.0

01/06/2018 , posted by Jarno Tahvanainen

It is fascinating when you realize that you have developed the right product and the right functionality for the market and customer, even before all of the interest around industry 4.0 came to lig…

Ergonomic lifter in airport
Is ergonomics really important?

04/05/2018 , posted by David Collins

I would say today more than ever before, companies think about the employees' happiness, well-being and how to support and improve them in their daily job.

Piab’s approach to Industry 4.0

23/03/2018 , posted by Josef Karbassi

It is a lot of presentations, talks and articles around Industry 4.0 which is the fourth industrial revolution in manufacturing and industry.

Product launches 2016
End of 2016

21/12/2016 , posted by Häla El Sheemy Washbrook

There are not many days left in 2016 and then we will enter 2017. It is a great opportunity to look back on what has been achieved.

Decentralized vacuum system
Training in vacuum

23/06/2016 , posted by Häla El Sheemy Washbrook

How does a company where knowledge is extremely important and where the products are well equipped with advanced features keep their staff up to date?

Manual handling of powder
How can Piab improve your working environment?

18/05/2016 , posted by Ellinor Björk Gyllenhammar

Piab has addressed a number of work environmental issues by providing solutions to improve the work environment. One example is vacuum conveying of products.

Handling of heavy wood planks
Is there an absolute truth?

26/04/2016 , posted by Josef Karbassi

We sometimes hear from the marketplace the comment that "The COAX® ejector is great and efficient, but, unfortunately I can't use it as I have a dusty environment and it would clog".

Evangelista Torrecelli
Back to basics

15/04/2016 , posted by Häla El Sheemy Washbrook

People laugh sometimes when I say I work with vacuum. "Your work is to create nothing" is a common reply. I wondered if there was a better reply.

A decentralized vacuum system
Designing a vacuum system

10/02/2016 , posted by Peter Tell

Regardless of whether a system is used to pick up cartons of food or consumer products, large metal sheets or tiny electronics components, the speed at which that system is working will impact the …

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