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      piGENTLE™ ensures gentle conveying of delicate ingredients
      piGENTLE™ – a gentle touch in food conveying


      Adapting to individual delicacies, piGENTLE™ ensures gentle automated conveying of food.

      Foam padded Kenos™ vacuum grippers handle wood
      Piab’s Kenos™ gripper has tight grip on wood


      Foam padded Kenos™ vacuum grippers handle wood and timber safely and securely.

      Delicate sweets
      White paper: The ABC of gentle conveying


      Piab has put together an ABC guide with some of the most important issues to bear in mind when handling delicate sweets and food.

      Piab Modular Automation Tooling
      PMAT offers secure global grip in automation


      Vacuum tooling system enables smaller, lighter and less expensive automation solutions.

      piFLOW®t tablet conveyor
      Dedicatedly gentle conveying of delicate food


      Revolutionary flow control ensures a gentle touch in Piab's conveyor for fragile goods.

      Kenos and Vaculex
      New blog post: Piab is really growing…


      2016 was indeed a start of something new for Piab.

      Chocolate powder
      Reclaim is made easy with Piab’s conveyors


      piFLOW® vacuum conveyors offer great performance and accessories for optimal reclaim.

      Conveying principle
      New e-learning modules have been added


      Eight different modules are now available.

      Stamping line with Piab friction cups
      Success story: Piab friction cups stamp out almost 700,000 more parts


      The Piab friction cups provide a strong grip on oily surfaces and can withstand high shear forces resulting in parts no longer dropped and savings in damaged parts.

      piFLOW® vacuum conveyors
      Piab’s vacuum conveyors keep food FLOWing


      piFLOW® conveyors handle everything from bulk powders and granules to delicate tablets.

      Piab Vaculex logos
      Piab acquires Vaculex and strengthens growth prospects


      Acquisition enables Piab to enter the growing vacuum lifter business. A strategic step for successfully leveraging global automation and productivity trends.

      Product launches 2016
      New blog post: End of 2016


      There are not many days left in 2016 and then we will enter 2017. It is a great opportunity to look back on what has been achieved.

       Dust-free filling
      Success story: Dust-free filling thanks to the piFLOW®t vacuum conveyor with pre-separator


      The customer opted for the Piab solution because we were able to achieve almost dust-free filling of the drying agent.

      Vacuum conveyor piFLOW®t
      Success story: Strong reduction of chipping tablets by using our piFLOW®t tablet conveyor with pre-separator


      The tablets can now be transported more product-friendly, resulting in a considerable reduction of scrap products.

      Vacuum conveying feed points
      Feed points optimise Piab vacuum conveying


      The weakest link in a vacuum conveyor will limit its productivity. Piab feed points will not.

      Press-to-press transfer in automotive plant
      White paper: The road to state-of-the-art car production starts in the press shop


      Advanced air-driven vacuum technology allows automotive manufacturers to move towards smarter factories.

      Automotive body shop
      Automotive vacuum expert is going global


      Piab now offers specialist vacuum production equipment to automotive makers worldwide.

      Ultra-lightweight decentralised vacuum generator piSTAMP
      piSTAMP offers generic retrofit in press-shops


      Ultra-lightweight decentralised vacuum generator fits generic suction cup holders in tools.

      Ultra-lightweight decentralised vacuum generators piINLINE®plus
      piINLINE®plus for perfect press-shop vacuum


      Ultra-lightweight decentralised vacuum generators are compact, reliable and efficient.

      Kenos vacuum gripping system
      Heavy lifting made lighter with wood gripper


      Piab's Kenos vacuum grippers are specially designed for lifting heavy timber products.

      Kenos Vacuum gripping system
      Gripping tools for packaging and palletising


      Piab's Kenos range of suction pad grippers are perfect for packaging and palletising.

      piCOMPACT® with IO-Link
      White paper: Generic communication link signals the era of smart factories


      The premium all-in-one vacuum ejector, piCOMPACT®23, is now available with IO-Link.

      Piab's suction cups for food applications
      Picking the chocolate pralines one by one


      13 new food contact approved suction cups allow for flexible and hygienic direct food picking.

      30 years back at Piab
      New blog post: Looking in the rearview mirror – 30 years back at Piab!


      Marketing and Communication is my working area and thanks to the digital revolution it has undergone major changes.

      Vacuum pump piCLASSIC Si32-3 piSAVE optimize
      Success story: RPC Tedeco Gizeh saves energy and reduces maintenance costs


      Annual cost saving per machine over original solution €1,430, an 83% reduction. No downtime for scheduled maintenance.

      piFLOW®p and piFLOW®t vacuum conveyors
      Pharma conveyors match industry standards


      piFLOW®p and piFLOW®t vacuum conveyors are tailor-made to meet the demands of pharma producers.

      Vacuum ejector piCOMPACT®23 Self-Adhesion Control (SAC)
      Patented puffs of air prevent self-adhesion


      Added control feature in vacuum ejector piCOMPACT®23 puts a stop to annoying, unwanted self-adhesion.

      Vacuum ejector piCOMPACT®23 with latching valve
      Latching valve will hold on in an emergency


      Bi-stable on/off valve offered as added extra for vacuum ejector piCOMPACT®23 provides extra security.

      Vacuum ejector piCOMPACT®23 with amplified blow-off
      Amplified Blow-off boosts energy efficiency


      Improved and intelligent blow-off features make vacuum ejector piCOMPACT®23 more energy-efficient.

      Piab and Kenos
      Piab acquires Kenos and grips new market


      Acquisition enables Piab to enter the large area vacuum gripper market at full speed. A strategic step towards building the global leader in industrial automation components.

      Vacuum ejector piCOMPACT®23
      Optional added features offer optimal vacuum


      Vacuum ejector piCOMPACT®23 is now available with a range of unique and patented added features.

      Vacuum ejector piCOMPACT®23 with IO-Link
      Smart IO-Link offers to link up smart plants


      Vacuum ejector piCOMPACT®23 is now available with the generic IO-Link for smart communication.

      Decentralized vacuum system
      New blog post: Training in vacuum


      How does a company where knowledge is extremely important and where the products are well equipped with advanced features keep their staff up to date?

      SAR Robot integrator
      Success story: SAR – A robot integrator saves 50% of air costs


      The customer could use the robot to its full potential and still save 50% on air. Also, the installation time was extremely fast.

      Second stage filter units
      Ultra-fine filters ensure enzyme-free, clean air


      New secondary air filter unit offers extra protection in detergent manufacturing plants

      Suction cup under pressure
      White paper: Suction cups enable the vacuum to grip


      Vacuum systems designed to lift, hold and move objects need to be fitted with suction cups.

      Suction cup Value Line® VL40FC
      Success story: Value Line® suction cups saves can maker $15,000


      The Piab suction cup lasted twice as long as the competitive version at over 1.4 million cycles. The price was also less as compared to the competitive suction pad.

      Second stage filter units
      Ultra-fine filters guarantee clean air in plants


      New secondary air filter units offer extra protection for chemical and pharma conveying.

      Palletizing of a cardboard box
      White paper: Designing a reliable and efficient vacuum system


      A vacuum system is made up of more than a vacuum pump, and its design is dependent on the application.

      Tablet conveyor piFLOW®t
      Tablet conveyor is ATEX Dust & Gas certified


      Explosion safety extended to include Piab's new dedicated tablet conveyor piFLOW®t.

       Manual handling of powder
      New blog post: How can Piab improve your working environment?


      Piab has addressed a number of work environmental issues by providing solutions to improve the work environment. One example is vacuum conveying of products.

      piFLOW®p and t conveyors
      piFLOW® is now ATEX Gas certified


      ATEX Gas certified versions of Piab's state-of-the-art vacuum conveyors specifically developed for the pharmaceutical and chemical industry are now available.

       Vacuum conveyor piFLOW®f
      Success story: Sugar sieving output increased by 30% in the Confectionary/Candy segment


      The process is now automated and due to less downtime for cleaning, the customer achieves a capacity increase of 30%.

      Vacuum pressure
      Do you want to be well trained in vacuum technology?


      Try our training modules!

      piFLOW® vacuum conveyors
      Focusing on EU & US food grade compliance


      Piab's food and pharma conveyors fit the bills of both EC No 1935/2004 and FDA.

      New DURAFLEX® friction cups
      New friction cup range keeps every sheet safe


      Six new cups keep a tight hold on extra thin and shaped sheet metal at higher stroke rates.

      Mechanical vacuum pumps
      White paper: Creating a vacuum – pumping does the trick


      For engineering purposes, a vacuum pump is the obvious choice, but which type of vacuum pump is the most efficient and most environmentally friendly?

      Tablet conveyor piFLOW®t
      Videos showing how to best convey tablets and capsules


      Three new videos are posted on YouTube showing how Piab solves the problems of using vacuum technology to convey delicate tablets.

      Handling of heavy wood planks
      New blog post: Is there an absolute truth?


      We sometimes hear from the marketplace the comment that "The COAX® ejector is great and efficient, but, unfortunately I can't use it as I have a dusty environment and it would clog". ()

      Mechanical vacuum pump
      Success story: Replacing the mechanical vacuum pump in a large rubber factory


      Piab’s vacuum pump size and modular design allowed for easy cleaning with a pump capacity increase as compared to the old mechanical pump.

      Evangelista Torrecelli
      New blog post: Back to basics


      People laugh sometimes when I say I work with vacuum. "Your work is to create nothing" is a common reply. I wondered if there was a better reply.

      Atmospheric pressure
      White paper: Vacuum – nothing but pressure


      According to the dictionary, vacuum is a space completely empty of substance. Yet, in engineering, vacuum is employed for a number of tasks.

      Textile filters
      New textile filters for the vacuum conveyors meet the European food regulation


      The material of the textile filters is updated to better meet the demands from the market.

      Palletising of cardboard boxes
      White paper: Smart regulation boosts productivity


      Optimised systems are the most productive. But how do you optimise an automated handling system that has to deal with a variety of items and conditions?

      Piab China staff
      Piab celebrates 10 years in China


      Forecasting a growth rate of nearly 30 percent, Piab is aiming high in the Chinese market.

      Pharmaceutical tablets
      New blog post: How can we transport tablets in the most gentle way possible?


      Piab has developped vacuum conveying equipment dedicated to automatic tablet handling in the pharmaceutical and food industry.

      Piab symbol
      Customer survey 2015


      Piab conducts a survey every year to customers around the globe. It is all done electronically and we received a lot of great feedback, both in scoring and in feedback comments.

      Pharmaceutical tablets
      White paper: The ABC of tablet conveying


      Piab has put together an ABC guide with some of the most important issues to bear in mind.

      Value Line® suction cups and vacuum pumps
      A new blog post has been published


      Can we really offer products to standard/basic vacuum applications at a different price level?

      Piab vacuum switches
      Versatile vacuum switches that make sense


      Miniature, low cost vacuum switches make perfect sense in decentralised vacuum systems.

      Split unit vacuum conveyor
      Success story: Piab vacuum conveyor solves contamination issue


      The split design of the Piab vacuum conveyor fulfilled the customer’s need of isolating the filter from the product receiver.

      Damaged tablets
      Solving the crux of tablet conveying: Gently does it!


      How do you handle delicate things? Well gently, of course! And that is precisely what the innovative and aptly named piGENTLE™ technology does in Piab's dedicated tablet conveyor piFLOW®t.

      piFLOW®p vacuum conveyor
      Success story: Safety first for chemical company using Piab vacuum conveyors


      Piab’s dust-tight design reduced product loss to atmosphere providing for a cleaner, safer work environment and less product waste.

      piFLOW® vacuum conveyors and pumps
      A new blog post has been published


      Finding the right pump for vacuum conveying

      Rectangular suction cup RB20x40P
      Success story: 70% improvement of the robot's production


      With the rectangular suction cup RB20x40P and COAX® technology, they improved their productivity by 70% as they dramatically decreased the number of dropped products.

      Value Line® suction cups lifting a box
      Success story: A global OEM in the packaging industry


      The OEM achieved their goal of reducing costs with this machine while still meeting their productivity goal. The end-customer saw an increase in productivity with a reduction in the accident rate a…

      Piab logo
      Welcome to Piab's blog!


      Read the latest news about our innovative vacuum solutions: vacuum pumps, ejectors, vacuum conveyors and suction cups for a variety of factory automation processes, as well as our other activities …

      Fragile pharmaceutical tablets
      Minimize all risks of damage to the tablets


      Three main design features are the keys to Piab's success – controlled low speed, guided entry into the conveyor, and the elimination of any sharp edges in the conveying pipeline.

      piFLOW®t tablet conveyor
      A new world standard for tablet conveying


      Revolutionary flow control ensures a gentle touch in Piab's new dedicated tablet conveyor.

      piGENTLE™ is a giant leap for tablet conveying


      Adapting to individual tablets, piGENTLE™ ensures gentle automated pneumatic conveying.

      Rectangular DURAFLEX® RB20x40P suction cup
      Raising the bar with rectangular suction cup


      Rectangular DURAFLEX® suction cup is perfect for handling flow-packed bars of sweets.

      piFLOW® conveyors
      Finding the right pump for vacuum conveying


      When pneumatics is not an option – choose mechanics.

      Is handling tablets a challenge?


      Piab will address the most common challenges when handling tablets with a new product launch.

      Piab logo
      Altor to divest Piab to EQT


      Altor Fund II (Altor) has signed an agreement to divest Piab to EQT Fund VII (EQT).

      PMAT - Piab Modular Automation Tooling
      PMAT transforms your assembly tools


      Flexible vacuum tooling system excels in automotive body-in-white (BIW) assembly

      Value Line suction cups
      Taking PVC out of basic vacuum systems


      Value Line suction cups offer PVC free alternative for carton erectors and simple grippers.

      Value Line ejectors
      Double capacity ejector fits popular format


      Additional Value Line ejector targets low end vacuum systems

      Single bellows DURAFLEX® suction cups
      Do you need a faster, more accurate robot?


      Single bellows DURAFLEX® suction cup offers improved stability at higher speeds.

      piFLOW® vacuum conveyors and pumps
      Unleashing the conveying power of piFLOW®


      piFLOW® conveyors now also available to companies with limited access to compressed air.

      All-in-one vacuum ejector piCOMPACT®
      Maximised uptime with flexible all-in-one ejectors


      Piab's new all-in-one vacuum ejector family offers reliability as a standard, not a premium, and can be tailored to suit any application.

      Coffee beans
      Success story: A large global coffee and tea company improves the working conditions for their operators


      With Piab’s solution, the process was much smoother and the customer increased their productivity thanks to much less downtime.

      COAX® technology
      Reliable production even in the dustiest of settings


      Getting a vacuum based materials handling system to operate reliably in very dusty industrial environments can be challenging.

      Piab symbol
      piCOMPACT®MICRO changes name to piCOMPACT®10X


      To better suit the new piCOMPACT® family product line, we have decided to update “MICRO” in favour for “10X”.

      piCOMPACT® all-in-one ejector unit


      The family is growing with the new piCOMPACT®23.

      Piab vacuum generator piCOMPACT®23
      Eliminate vacuum related downtime in your production


      piCOMPACT®23 is ideal for medium or larger vacuum systems, such as palletizing of boxes and loading, sorting, transfer and unloading of different sheet materials.

      Piab Lab Vac
      Laboratory vacuum pumps run by compressed air


      Piab Lab Vac is a must-have device for the modern laboratory, perfect for common applications such as vacuum filtration, rotary evaporation, degassing, gel drying, etc.

      Piab symbol
      Piab website upgrade


      Piab announced today that it has officially launched a new website. The new piab.com website shows our products in an easier way for products to be found and purchased.

      Vacuum turntable fixture
      Success story: Integrated COAX® solution simplifies complex automation process


      The Piab solution reduced costs of the vacuum system by 60% and energy consumption decreased by 30%.  

      MechTek Engineering
      Success story: Battery manufacturer powers ahead with Piab vacuum ejectors


      Piab’s energy-efficient COAX® vacuum ejector technology is a lightweight means of producing vacuum and was ideal for this application of battery manufacturing.

      P6040 vacuum pump
      Success story: Furniture maker looks to improve working conditions


      By using two Piab P6040 air-driven vacuum pumps with energy-efficient COAX® technology to replace the electric motor driven vacuum pumps for holding down wood on the twin bed horizontal router mach…

      piFLOW® i vacuum conveyor
      Success with Piab vacuum conveyors at award winning contract packer


      Transfer of product granules using piFLOW® i vacuum conveyor into form fill machine.

      A&Z logo
      Success story: Automated vacuum conveying with height constraints in the pharma market


      A&Z Pharmaceutical Inc. develops, manufactures and supplies premium quality Over The Counter pharmaceutical products and nutritional supplements.

      Value Line® by Piab
      Value Line® – A brand new product line is launched


      We are proud to introduce Piab's totally new product line: Value Line – Good performance at a value price.

      Value Line products
      Vacuum products at a value price


      Piab introduces a new line of products called Value Line. This competitively priced line consists of 21 suction cups as well as two small lightweight vacuum ejectors.

      COAX® cartridge Di16-2
      Dust-proof innovation for Piab’s COAX® technology


      Piab introduces a new COAX® vacuum ejector that is ideal for applications where there is dust or dirt present.

      Handling of heavy wood planks
      Designed for lifting not cleaning


      Find out why energy efficient multistage vacuum ejectors are slightly more susceptible to dust clogging and how this trade-off can easily be overcome. 

      Suction cup F33 FDA
      Success story: Machine uptime increased by 25% with F33 suction cups


      The suction cup mis-feed and failures are no longer issues, resulting in savings of USD 30,000-50,000 per year.

      Important new options for the world’s fastest integrated controls ejector


      Piab introduces two important new product options for the piCOMPACT® range, the first manifold-mounted and functional ejector system on the market based on the energy-efficient COAX® technology. 

      A mini vacuum conveyor from Piab
      Short of space? Use a mini vacuum conveyor!


      With the smallest vacuum conveyor on the market you can minimise your manufacturing footprint and still reap all the benefits of a vacuum conveying system.

      Value Line
      Value Line - Good performance at a value price


      During the first quarter of 2015, Piab will launch a new product range – the Value Line. 

      How to dimension a vacuum conveying system for bulk materials


      Download our white paper on how to dimension, design, and finally assemble a vacuum conveying system that suits your particular application.

      piSAVE sense
      piSAVE sense generation 2


      piSAVE sense flow control/check valves are used for "object sensing" on flexible vacuum handling devices with a centralized vacuum pump.

      Suction pipes
      Expanded range of suction pipes for vacuum conveying


      The suction pipes are used to facilitate the picking up of powder and granules from bins, barrels, hoppers and bags.

      Ergonomic lifting device
      Kissing it better – Lifting ergonomically with vacuum


      Kissing it better will not help, but the application of ”the right suction and the right lips” prior to lifting can actually help avoid damage and injury!

      Piab reaches bigger heights with All-Fill


      All-Fill is a global OEM providing powder filling stand alone and integrated filling lines. They required a simple customer solution to reliably and consistently transfer a fine chemical powder to …

      Transition piece on tablet press
      Vacuum conveyor modules for tablet press


      Transition modules suited for tablet presses, often used by pharmaceutical companies to compress powder into tablets of uniform size and weight.

      Piab piCLASSIC Si32
      Increase your production on parts handling with piCLASSIC


      The customer’s issue was of not having enough suction to hold down the automotive parts properly

      Bag opening
      Filling without spilling


      Watching a form-fill-seal machine in operation is rather fascinating. It looks so easy, but the precision technology needed to ensure that bag after bag is being filled without breaking, or its int…

      Safe bag handling
      Getting a grip on bags


      New innovative technology is now available that enables the safe, secure and efficient operation of automated bag handling systems.

      teaser e catalogue
      New Vacuum Automation e-catalogue 4.0


      The latest version (4.0) of the Vacuum Automation e-catalogue is now available for iPad, Android and ordinary computers.

      Piab symbol
      Check product availability online


      In order to provide more visibility on our product stock levels and delivery, all products on our website now have a new link called "Check availability".

      Efficiency and easy installation in a neat format – piPUMP


      Vacuum pump designed for small parts pick and place

      teaser PR piGRIP BGI
      Improved design on bag lip for piGRIP® suction cup


      Better gripping performance ensures higher productivity.

      Transport of tablets
      How to transport tablets in an efficient way?


      Vacuum conveyors can be used to great advantage within the pharmaceutical industry. Tablets need to be moved around the manufacturing plant, transferring them from one processing unit to another, f…

      Quick-release valve, vacuum ejector and suction cup
      A recipe for less down time, fewer cakes dropped and increased production


      Piab's suction cups were less expensive to purchase and were lasting an additional 4 months in production, providing a savings in cost of operation.

      Piab logo
      Piab Brazil 15 years!


      We are pleased to announce that our Brazil operation will be celebrating its 15th year in operation at the end of April.

      White paper
      What is the genuine added value from an ejector with integrated controls in a suction cup handling system?


      For an engineer, designing a robot gripper tool, it is not trivial to select the right ejector package in the jungle of choices. What is really important to consider when selecting the ejector? Whi…

      Piab logo
      See piCOMPACT® response time in new app from Piab


      With our latest app you can calculate the remarkably quick response time gained from using piCOMPACT® – the all-in-one vacuum ejector.

      Savings of replacement costs of €1,800 for a new rotary vane pump on VFFS machine


      By switching to a piCLASSIC, this solution consumed approximately 50% less compressed air than the previous installation. 

      DURAFLEX® friction cups
      Friction cups hold up under faster production


      The automobile manufacturer is now able to increase the press speeds without dropping parts through the better holding forces from the DURAFLEX® friction cups.

      Youtube video
      Video on piSECURE on YouTube


      A new video posted on YouTube that shows piSECURE holding onto a piece of glass while using no energy.

      piCOMPACT® all-in-one ejector unit


      piCOMPACT® all-in-one ejector unit.

      Amazing uptime with the world’s fastest integrated controls ejector


      Piab updates its piCOMPACT® range, the first manifold-mounted and functional ejector system on the market based on the energy-efficient COAX® technology. 

      Piab logo
      Piab website upgrades to a new look


      Piab announced today that it has officially launched a new website.

      Piab's F26 and F33 suction cups
      Suction cup ideal for opening bags in bag filling machines


      Suction cup ideal for opening bags in bag filling machines

      piPREMIUM vacuum pump
      piFLOW®p vacuum conveyor line expands with bigger pumps


      Piab, a leading supplier of industrial vacuum technology, expands the piPREMIUM vacuum pump line for its vacuum conveyor series - the piFLOW®p.

      More applications possible with piFLOW®p - now with higher flow pumps


      piPREMIUM 600-1600 is a line extension of the previous piPREMIUM family which has been available in size 100-400. The target for the extension is the food and pharma industries who need higher capa…

      Piab's decentralized vacuum pump piSECURE
      piSECURE creates safe vacuum in case of system failure


      Creates safe vacuum in case of system failure

      Piab piSECURE
      Safe vacuum in case of system failure


      Piab announces the introduction of piSECURE, a new decentralized vacuum ejector for sealed applications with high safety requirements in case of power or system failure. The safety function is base…

      Piab piFLOW®i vacuum conveyor
      Excessive downtime issues lead to opportunity for piFLOW® vacuum conveyor


      The Piab piFLOW® vacuum conveyor allowed greatly reduced downtimes (cut by 2/3 to one hour and 192 cases lost as opposed to 576 with auger) and was very cost effective when compared to new augers a…

      Decentralized vacuum pump VGS™3010
      Save 405,000 € for an investment of 8,300 €


      Merplas Decoma is the most diversified automotive supplier in the world. They design, develop and manufacture automotive systems, assemblies, modules and components.

      Robot handling with Piab products
      Half the air consumption while saving engineering time


      The energy saving was proven through flow meter and the savings were compared with competitive units and showed better vacuum flow and energy savings with Piab's decentralized pump.

      Top five diploma
      High rating for Piab suction cups in Brazil


      Piab is proud to announce results from a survey conducted in Brazil for top industrial products.

      Piab's apps
      New Vacuum Automation e-catalogue 3.0


      An electronic version of our Vacuum Automation catalogue is available for tablet devices as well as ordinary computers.

      Piab application configurators
      Online application tools aid product selection


      Eases your way to a complete vacuum system solution

      Anders Lindqvist CEO of Piab
      Piab is changing CEO


      Anders Lindqvist is replacing Per-Erik Lindquist as the CEO of Piab

      Handling bags and pouches
      Simplifying the selection of our products


      We have today launched a couple of new tools, application configurators as we call them, in order to help you select the proper Piab products for your specific application.

      Piab mounting elements
      Mounting elements for end of arm tooling (EOAT) and handling machines


      Piab launches a line of mounting elements that offers the user an easy way to install suction cups and accessories at the correct working position.

      piGRIP® suction cup with integrated COAX® cartridge
      piGRIP® suction cup now available with an integrated COAX® cartridge


      Piab is proud to introduce COAX® in piGRIP®, a decentralized vacuum pump integrated in the piGRIP® program.

      piGRIP® suction cup with vacuum pump
      Instant point of suction with COAX® in piGRIP®


      Quick response time with a decentralized vacuum pump inside a fitting.

      Piab's food approved silicone cups
      New food approved Silicone suction cups - FDA and EU approvals


      Piab is changing its red Silicone FDA cups to translucent.

      Piab Asia staff
      Anniversary for Piab Asia office


      Piab is proud to announce that the Piab Asia office has recently celebrated 20 years in operation.

      Piab piCHIP
      Simplify integration


      Piab, a leading supplier of industrial vacuum technology, offers its patented COAX® technology in a new simplified integration platform called piCHIP.



      Simplify integration

      Piab's mounting elements
      Mounting elements


      Facilitates suction cup installation to extruded profile

      Upgrade kit for C series vacuum conveyors
      Upgrade kit


      Extend the lifetime of your conveyor

      Upgrade kit for C series vacuum conveyor
      Extend the lifetime of your Piab C series vacuum conveyor


      This is a straightforward upgrade due to a standard interface between the C Series conveyor and the new piFLOW®p conveyor.

      piSAVE sense
      piSAVE sense reduces need of a big vacuum pump


      Revolutionary new suction cup check valve senses part presence

      Integration bodies for COAX® cartridges
      New integration bodies for COAX® cartridges


      These new accessories for MINI and MIDI cartridges are made of aluminium.

      piFLOW®p vacuum conveyors
      Introducing piFLOW®p


      Taking powder transport to the next dimension

      piFLOW®p family
      piFLOW®p – taking powder transport to the next dimension


      piFLOW®p. It is the new Premium conveyor line from Piab, meeting the high demand from the Food and Pharmaceutical industries.

      piGRIP® suction cup with hot surface lip
      Handle hot surfaces quickly saves energy in the plastics industry


      Material for hot surfaces available for piGRIP® suction cups.

      Piab's iPhone App
      Download Piab’s app and calculate your energy savings


      With our latest app you can calculate your specific savings with piSAVE optimize – an energy saving product for air-driven vacuum pumps/ejectors in virtually any type of vacuum application.

      piSAVE optimize
      piSAVE optimize


      An optimized energy saving product

      piSAVE optimize
      Improve your ejector pump with piSAVE optimize and save 30-50% in energy cost


      piSAVE optimize - Fully pneumatic device with a simple connection for air-driven vacuum pumps.

      Piab Germany office
      New premises for our European regional office


      During September of this year we will combine the sales and technical support with our European central warehouse to Piab´s new European regional office.

      Piab vacuum conveyor piFLOW®f
      The most cost efficient powder conveying concept for food industry


      piFLOW®f is designed for customers that do not want to compromise between price, technical performance and energy consumption.

      piGRIP® suction cup lifting bag with liquid detergent
      Introducing piGRIP®


      Grip, hold, accelerate...like never before.

      piGRIP® foam lip for rough surfaces
      Foam suction cup handles difficult objects with ease


      New rough surface suction cup lip for piGRIP® line.

      piCLASSIC vacuum pump
      piCLASSIC – Product of the year 2011


      We are pleased to announce that the piCLASSIC vacuum pumps received the prestigious title ”Product of the Year 2011”.

      Piab XLF - Extra large suction cup
      Extra large suction cups


      The XLF suction cups are especially developed for sheet handling, metal and glass applications.

      Piab XLF suction cup handling glass
      Safe and flexible solution for sheet handling with vacuum


      Extra large flat suction cups with optimum flexibility.

      Vacuum switch with dual LCD display
      New electronic vacuum switch has dual LCD display


      A three colour display vacuum switch for vacuum system monitoring and for saving energy.

      Electronic vacuum switch with 3 colour display
      Three colour display provides easy access to vacuum system status


      Piab, a leading supplier of industrial vacuum technology, introduces a new three colour display electronic vacuum switch for vacuum system monitoring and for saving energy.

      piGRIP® bag lip
      Grip, hold, accelerate… like never before


      New bag lips designed to handle bags and pouches highlight new additions for piGRIP® suction cups.

      Piab's e-catalogue for iPad
      Piab utilizes new technique to communicate traditional information


      Piab launches its new electronic catalogue designed for tablet devices.

      Piab's European Supply Unit in Germany
      Piab opens a new Supply Unit in Germany


      Enhanced customer service levels are being claimed for the new Supply Unit in Butzbach, near Frankfurt, Germany.

      piFLOW®f vacuum conveyor
      piFLOW®f – Simplifying material handling


      The food grade conveyor which doubles the conveying capacity compared to conventional conveyors.

      Piab vacuum conveyor piFLOW®i
      Integrate the most cost efficient powder conveying concept on the market


      Integrate the most cost efficient powder conveying concept on the market

      piCLASSIC vacuum pump
      piCLASSIC – Upgraded with 22% more energy efficiency


      Upgraded with 22% more energy efficiency.

      Piab vacuum pump piCLASSIC
      piCLASSIC provides up to 40% more energy efficiency over rotary vane pumps


      piCLASSIC is Piab’s upgraded vacuum pump series based on COAX® technology. Suitable for a wide range of applications with large capacities despite its small size and low weight, the piCLASSIC has b…

      KPS and Piab logos
      Piab AB and KPS - Korea Pneumatic System Co., Ltd.


      Piab AB and KPS – Korea Pneumatic System Co., Ltd. amicably settled all pending patent disputes concerning their respective relevant vacuum pump technologies on a worldwide basis.

      Piab's level compensators
      Piab launches range of lightweight level compensators


      The new LC level compensators, or spring plungers, allow manufacturers to speed production processes while reducing the risk of product damage when handling sensitive goods with varying height requ…

      Piab's level compensators
      New level compensators


      The new LC level compensators allow manufacturers to speed production processes while reducing the risk of product damage.

      DURAFLEX® BX suction cups
      Introducing BX10P, BX15P and BX20P


      A new addition to Piab’s premium DURAFLEX® BX suction cups gives increased sealing capability and flexibility for small product handling.

      DURAFLEX® BX suction cups
      Piab expands DURAFLEX® BX range to include smaller suction cups


      Piab expands its range of DURAFLEX® BX suction cups to include three new models in small diameters.

      piINLINE - inline vacuum ejector
      Introducing piINLINE®


      A range of eco-friendly vacuum inline ejectors based on Piab’s energy efficient COAX® technology.

      piINLINE® vacuum ejector for electronics industry
      For electronics companies, piINLINE™ boosts productivity, cuts energy costs and improves the environment


      piINLINE™ is Piab’s new range of inline vacuum ejectors based on COAX® technology. The products are well-suited for handling component…

      Vacuum ejector piINLINE® for packaging industry
      For the packaging industry, piINLINE™ boosts productivity, cuts energy costs and improves the environment


      piINLINE™ is Piab’s new range of inline vacuum ejectors based on COAX® technology. The products are well-suited for the packaging industry,…

      Piab logo
      Piab offers manufacturers automation technology that boosts productivity and saves energy


      Piab is expanding its advanced technology within the field of automation to reach more customers. Since opening for business in the 1950s, the company has been leading the development of compr…

      Vacuum ejector piINLINE® for plastics and metal industries
      For the plastics and metals industries, piINLINE™ boosts productivity, cuts energy costs and improves the environment


      piINLINE™ is Piab’s new range of inline vacuum ejectors based on COAX® technology. The products are well suited for automated suction-cup h…

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