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  • Heavy-duty rails and bearings with double seals and grease ports. Less maintenance required.
  • Hand wheel, opposing thread lead screw, bearing blocks and shaft locks for fast adjustment of bag size.
  • Solid stainless-steel Gripper Fingers, radiused ends radiused ends to avoid damage to the bag.
  • Adjustable Decking Plates are independent of Gripper Fingers which enables a very tight loading pattern and squared-up bags.
  • Top-mounted bag clamps to secure the bag, allows high speed traversing, faster load times.
  • High-flow pneumatic solenoid valves for fast movements.
  • Reliable ultrasonic bag presence sensor.
  • Custom adaptor plate to accommodate any robot interface.
  • Accessories options to your bag gripper:
  • Slip Sheet includes: Stroking pneumatic cylinders equipped with Duraflex cups and 1 PIAB COAX vacuum generator with vacuum confirmation switch.
  • Pallet Hook option includes*: Rotating pallet hooks that can pick up a pallet, equipped with an ultra-sonic pallet presence sensor. Hooks are controlled via one pneumatic cylinder.
  • Valve Package Options: Discrete I/O – standard is the default option, though your bag gripper can be equipped with DeviceNet, Ethernet or Custom.
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