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Filneapack - Piab consumer industry

Broadened market share for Spanish food industry manufacturer


Filneapack manufactures original solutions for food industry end-users. The company wanted to design a machine that could handle bags ranging in weight from 200-1500 grams. The machine needed to integrate seamlessly into the existing bag handling system.


The company designed a decentralized vacuum solution by easily integrating COAX® cartridges into the existing system. The COAX® cartridges, utilize a multistage vacuum ejector placed directly at the point of use to provide a stronger grip on packages and minimize downtime due to format changes.


The flexible design of the machine created a versatile, modifiable machine that has widened Filneapack’s market share to include a broader scope of industries. Additionally, the compact system has enabled a smaller footprint and reduced maintenance costs while improving productivity.

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